We are certified according to ISO 9001:2015! Our success in the market is based on the quality of our products and services.

The quality policy, together with environmental and energy management, is an essential part of our corporate policy.

The principles of our quality/company policy are:

  • Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our goal is to always meet the demands and wishes of our customers. We offer products of outstanding quality and reliability.
  • We use innovative processes and bring mature products to the market.
  • Through continuous training of our staff, we improve our performance and enable us to deal efficiently with ever-changing requirements.
  • We work together in an open, communicative and reliable manner so that each employee can develop his or her abilities. Each employee contributes to quality through his or her actions and is personally responsible for them.
  • Our approach is quality and error prevention from the very beginning. By using the most modern processes, high-quality machines, qualified employees and their optimal cooperation, we aim to achieve 0-defect quality.
  • We work continuously to improve our products, processes and procedures. As early as the development stage, we pay attention to the environmental compatibility of our products and the processes used to manufacture them.
  • The entire corporate process is geared towards producing quality while taking environmental compatibility and the conservation of resources into account.


    Werl, May 2024

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