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The Environment and Energy Policy presents the company's overall environmental and energy-related goals and principles of action, including compliance with all relevant environmental/energy regulations.

The products manufactured by the company are of industrial origin. The use and production of these raw materials have a rather unfavourable impact on the environment due to CO2 absorption. A life cycle assessment has been carried out for our products and their manufacture.

However, we are aware that our manufacturing processes nevertheless have an impact on the environment. We attach great importance to minimising this impact and to the philosophy that "prevention is better than cure".

A responsible person has been appointed in our organisation with the task of implementing and further developing this environmental and energy policy of the company. His tasks include, above all, the coordination of all environmental/energy-related activities of the company as well as the monitoring of the improvement programmes and their implementation.

At the site, the Technical Manager has been assigned responsibility for the introduction and realisation of the defined environmental/energy policy.

The environmental/energy policy of our company is based on the following principles of action. The company's operations are regularly reviewed to ensure that they comply with these principles and the principle of continuous improvement in operational environmental protection and energy management.

We are committed to:

(a) through the application of environmental and energy management systems, conduct our operations in an environmentally sound manner and apply environmental and energy conservation principles such as commitment to continuous improvement of the system and environmental/energy performance, compliance with legal requirements and other binding obligations in the context of the standard, as well as awareness training of employees in all our operations.

b) Promote environmental/energy responsibility along the value chain and encourage suppliers, subcontractors and customers to adopt international environmental standards.

c) Promote a sense of responsibility for environmental and energy management among employees at all levels.

d) Develop manufacturing processes with a focus on energy and resource efficiency.

e) Assess in advance the environmental and energy impact of each new activity, product and process, assess and monitor the impact of current activities on the local environment, and consider any significant impact of these activities on the environment in general.

(f) define the environmental and energy policy as a framework for setting and evaluating the environmental and energy objectives and targets, and develop the environmental and energy policies.

g) to make available to the public, interested parties and all persons working for or on behalf of the organisation all information necessary to understand the environmental impact of the company's operations and to maintain an open dialogue.

h) Require all contractors of the company working on the premises to use the company's environmental/energy standards.

i) to orient procurement towards ecologically sound, socially fair and energy-efficient products. In doing so, we give preference to regional suppliers with comparable performance.

j) to take the aspect of energy efficiency into account when procuring new equipment.

k) to create the conditions for a high level of operational safety and availability of the plants as well as stable operational management in terms of the energy efficiency improvements we are striving for by regularly maintaining our plants on the basis of maintenance and inspection schedules.

Werl, May 2024

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