HANSA Shut-off ball valve HP 10 mm (120 bar) w access point KAV 2273410050

Shut-off ball valve HP 10 mm (120 bar) w access point

Dimension (LxWxH): 132x13x51 mm
Weight: 0,29 kg
Part-No.: 2273410050

"Bi-flow" design
●    Bi-flow, i.e. any mounting, independent of the direction of flow
●    Sealing of the ball with 2 PTFE (Teflon) sleeves
●    Suitable for use in liquid, suction and hot gas lines as well as in oil-free applications
●    Marking on the spindle valve position (open or closed) (relief hole must point against the direction of flow)
●    Maximum flow rate
●    Sealable valve cap
●    Bracket with screws included
●    Also available with filling valve / sensor connection

Technical information
●    Valve body material: brass
●    Material of connection pipes: copper CU-DHP or K65 for 120 bar valves
●    Approved refrigerants:
●    HFC / PFC (e.g. R32)/ CFC / HC / HFO (e.g. R1234ze,R454c) or blends like e.g.  R407x oder R410x / R744
●    R290 on request
●    Refrigerants containing NH3 are not permitted!
●    Maximum permissible operating pressure up to 120 bar (for details see table on page 2)
●    Temperature resistance from - 40°C to + 155°C


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