HANSA Safety valve KSV 15.0 bar | 12.5 mm | G1/2'' for propane R290_2442150050PRO

Safety valve KSV 15.0 bar | 12.5 mm | G1/2'' for propane R290

Dimension (LxWxH): 48x41x131 mm
Weight: 0,49 kg
Part-No.: 2442150050PRO

Made in Germany

Design type direct acting spring loaded valves  
Opening characteristic Standard safety valve  
Type designation KSV and HD-KSV  
Part number KSV 2442xxx050 (xxx = bar value e.g. 280 = 28,0 bar)  
Part number HD-KSV 2443xxx050 (xxx = bar value e.g. 280 = 28,0 bar)  
Valve size DN 15  
threat G 1/2"  
outlet G 1''  
overall length 131 mm  
Weight pc 0,490 kg  
Licensing Type tested safety valve (Modul B)  
Individual approval is based on Module F (2014/68 EU)  
Z-D-002-11018/16 and Z-D-002-11020/16  
Marking KSV SV · 16-11018 · 123 · D/G · 0,51 · p  
Marking HD-KSV SV · 16-11020 · 123 · D/G · 0,51 · P  
Conformity assessment Category IV - Modul B+F (2014/68 EU)  
Applied standards and DIN EN 378, AD 2000-Information Sheet, VdTÜV-Information Sheet,  
technical specification DIN EN ISO 4126-1, Guideline 2014/68 EU  
Suitable for Fluids in group 1 (please consult manufacturer) and 2  
for all common refrigerants like HFC and CFC  
Includes refrigeration fluids safety class A2L  
"PRO" version for R290 Propan available.  
Except NH3 refrigerant !  
Permissible temperature range -30°C bis 120°C  
Nominal Opening Pressure as per catalogue ± 3% (EN ISO 4126-1 7.2.1)  
Opening Pressure Diff ≤ 10%, min. 0,1bar  
EN ISO 4126–1 Travel ° ≤ 0,26  
Threaded connection G 1/2"  
Max flow diameter 12,5mm  
Housing material brass CW617N (2.402 or CuZn40Pb2)  
Output G 1" free blow-off  
Reduced discharge coefficient 0.51  
Remarks: Each valve tested and controled under supervision of DEKRA quality control  
certificate with control number attached to each valve  

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