HANSA Filter drier sight glass combination steel HMK083 sm FI_2837410050

Filter drier sight glass combination steel HMK083 sm FI
60 bar
Dimension (LxWxH): 188x52x52 mm
Weight: 0,474 kg
Part-No.: 2837410050

Made in Germany

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HANSA filter dirier combis also available in a compact steel version with copper pipes as solder connections. Time-saving assembly and full insight during maintenance, as the familiar sight glass sizes are used. For the system supplier, here comes the ideal complement: combis with solder connection and large sight glass in a steel housing. The space-saving and lighter design of the combis allows the manufacturer to make his systems more compact. No compromises were made in the sight glass itself.
The diameter of the glass is the same as that of the other units, and it can be supplied with or without an indicator.
The first versions available are the sizes HM083 and HM163 with 6 - 12mm connection tube.

Dimensions (LxWxH): 188 x 52 x 52 mm
Weight: 0,474 kg
Article-No.: 2837410050
Made in Germany


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