HANSA Filter drier Multiplex O-ring HM304 12 mm | 1/2''_2835612050

Filter drier Multiplex O-ring HM304 12 mm | 1/2''
55 bar
Dimension (LxWxH): 255x75x75 mm
Weight: 1,196 kg
Part-No.: 2835612050
OEM: 240695016  5001844762  50102207749  8862090003100 93601B-H14666037 135.612/835.612

Made in Germany

Filter drier HANSA Multiplex product range
HANSA parts numbers 2 8xx xxx 050
Solid core drier with drier block from molecular sieve plus 5% activate aluminum
as acid buffer and brass filter mesh

Operation pressure up to 55 bar
Operation temperatur range -40°C-+120°C
Usage: To dry and filter cooling fluids of group I and II liquids in
cooling / climate system circuits (except for NH3 or liquids containing NH3).


Data sheet

Material design
Connection type
Pressure range
55 bar

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